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Plastic mold system composition - six major systems of plastic mold

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  The functional structure of the plastic mold system mainly consists of six systems:the pouring system,the temperature regulating system,the forming part system,the exhaust system,the guiding system,and the ejection system.The pouring system and the forming part are directly in contact with the plastic,and Changes in plastics and products are the most complex and varied parts of the mold,requiring the highest degree of finish and precision.

  1.Gating system:

  The pouring system refers to the part of the flow path before the plastic enters the cavity from the nozzle,including the main channel,the cold material hole,the split channel and the gate.

  2.Molded parts system:

  The molded part system refers to various parts and components constituting the shape of the product,including a movable mold,a fixed mold and a cavity(a concave mold),a core(a punch),a forming rod and the like.The core forms the inner surface of the article and the cavity(female)forms the outer surface shape of the article.After clamping,the core and cavity form the cavity of the mold.According to the process and manufacturing requirements,sometimes the core and the die are made up of several pieces,sometimes made into a whole,and only the inserts are used in the parts that are easily damaged and difficult to process.

  3.Temperature control system:

  The temperature adjustment system is to meet the mold temperature requirements of the injection process,and a temperature adjustment system is required to adjust the temperature of the mold.For injection molds for thermoplastics,the cooling system is primarily designed to cool the mold(the mold can also be heated).The common method of mold cooling is to open a cooling water channel in the mold,and use the circulating cooling water to remove the heat of the mold;the heating of the mold can be installed in and around the mold by using cooling water to pass hot water or hot oil.Electric heating element.

  4.Exhaust system:

  The exhaust system is designed to remove the gas generated by the melting of the air and plastic in the cavity during the injection molding process,and the gas is formed on the surface of the product when the exhaust gas is not smooth.The exhaust system of the mold is usually a slot-shaped air outlet opened in the mold to discharge the gas of the original cavity air and the molten material.

  When the molten material is injected into the cavity,the air originally stored in the cavity and the gas brought in by the melt must be discharged to the outside of the die through the exhaust port at the end of the flow,otherwise the product will have pores and poor connection.The filling is not full,and even the accumulated air burns the product due to the high temperature generated by compression.In general,the vent hole can be disposed at the end of the flow of the melt in the cavity or on the parting surface of the mold.

  The latter is a shallow groove having a depth of 0.03-0.2 mm and a width of 1.5-6 mm on one side of the die.During the injection,the vent hole does not have a lot of melt oozing out,because the melt will cool and solidify there to block the passage.Do not point the opening of the exhaust port to the operator to prevent the melt from accidentally squirting and injuring people.In addition,the matching gap between the ejector rod and the ejector hole,the matching gap between the top block and the stripping plate and the core may be utilized to exhaust.

  5.Guidance system:

  The guiding system is to ensure that the moving mold and the fixed mold can be accurately centered during mold clamping,and the guiding member must be provided in the mold.In the injection mold,four sets of guide columns and guide sleeves are usually used to form the guide members,and sometimes the inner and outer tapered surfaces are respectively arranged on the movable mold and the fixed mold to assist the positioning.

  6,the ejection system:

  The ejector system generally comprises:a thimble,a front and rear thimble plate,a thimble guide rod,a thimble return spring,a thimble plate locking screw and the like.When the product is molded and cooled in the mold,the front and rear molds are separated and opened,and the plastic product and its conglomerate in the flow passage are pushed out or pulled out of the mold opening and flow path by the push-out mechanism-the ejector pin under the push rod of the injection molding machine.In order to carry out the next injection molding work cycle.

  After reading the six systems of the above plastic mold system,I believe that you have already explained the six systems of plastic molds.

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