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Thoughts on the development of China's hot runner mold industry

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  With the support of the state,although the output value of hot runner molds in China is the third in the world,the overall level is still much behind that of industrial developed countries.The hot runner mold industry is still a childish industry in China,and the import and export deficit of hot runner molds exceeds 1 billion per year.Dollar.With China's accession to the WTO,the hot runner mold export prospects are getting better and better,and China's hot runner mold industry needs to develop faster to adapt to the development of the situation.To develop faster,the hot runner mold industry needs to mobilize various positive factors and needs strong support from all sides.The support of the various government departments and their own efforts are the most important.The measures and policy recommendations for the development of the hot runner mold industry are as follows:

  1.Introduce corresponding policies to guide investment direction

  It is recommended to learn from Japan's experience in the formulation and implementation of several revitalization laws(revitalization measures)in the 1960s and 1970s,and formulate our laws and regulations for industries such as hot runner molds that need to be revitalized in China.Cooperate with newly formulated laws and regulations,adopt government intervention and economic support policies,introduce corresponding policies and measures,and provide support in the form of legislation in finance,taxation,and technological transformation.

  In view of the high net value-added rate of hot runner mold products,the VAT tax burden of hot runner mold enterprises is twice as high as that of other industries in the machinery industry.Therefore,it is recommended to reduce the VAT burden of hot runner mold enterprises,or continue to implement the pre-requisition and return policy.,or reduce the VAT rate,for example,from 17%to 5%to 10%.

  Encourage investment in the development of hot runner molds.For example,the construction fund of the investment hot runner mold factory can deduct the enterprise income tax;the introduction of key equipment and the raw materials and spare parts required for the production of hot runner molds by the hot runner mold enterprises to reduce the import tax to encourage the introduction of high-tech and its products.

  2.Accelerate institutional reform and adjust industrial structure

  At present,the industrial structure of the hot runner mold industry is unreasonable.Mainly in the organizational structure,product structure,technical structure and import and export structure.Under the guidance of relevant policies during the 11th Five-Year Plan period,active measures should be taken to adjust and rationalize them.For example,it encourages specialization and commercial production,encourages the production of large,precise,complex,long-life hot runner molds and hot runner mold standard parts,encourages separation of main and auxiliary,and makes hot runner mold production from subsidiary to independent.

  3.Market-oriented operation,vigorously develop the hot runner mold industry chain cluster

  During the“Eleventh Five-Year Plan”period,on the one hand,it is necessary to support the encouragement of qualified places to build a hot runner mold production and accumulation base(or hot runner mold city,hot runner mold park)with higher level and greater capacity,through marketization.Operation,and gradually form a regionally more compatible hot runner mold production industry chain.

  On the other hand,it is recommended to use the automobile cover hot runner mold as the main service object,and actively guide to form a regional automobile hot runner mold manufacturing network led by the existing large strength and high level enterprises.The network is a corporate consortium,or a strategic alliance.It has a common technology platform,a close collaborative relationship,and can operate as a virtual enterprise.It is a community of interests.If successful,it can be gradually promoted in the industry from 2010 to 2020.

  4.Actively cultivate leading enterprises

  According to the current development situation at home and abroad,it is time to put the"scale effect"on the agenda.There are already many hot runner mold enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million US dollars.The largest hot runner mold enterprise has developed into a multinational group with an annual output value of 4 billion US dollars(including hot runner molds and hot runner mold related products).There are already a number of enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.These companies play an important role in promoting the development of the hot runner mold industry.During the"11th Five-Year Plan"period,we should focus on the development priorities and,with the support of the state,selectively select a group of"leading enterprises."To this end,it is hoped that a small number of hot runner mold key projects will be included in the national plan,and it will become a national special project,and its policy will be tilted.

  5.Strengthen cooperation between industry,university and research institute to promote the scientific and technological work of the hot runner mold industry

  It is recommended that the relevant government departments establish a hot runner mold development fund for the development,research and innovation projects of the common technology of the hot runner mold industry,and give priority support to the“leading enterprises”.It is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of industry,academia and research with the support of relevant state departments,promote the scientific and technological development and technical research work of the hot runner mold industry,organize key industries of industry,education and research in the industry,work in a division of labor,and work together to strive for early results,more results,and mutual enjoyment.Results and industrialization of results to rapidly improve the technical level of the industry.

  6.Establish a national hot runner mold testing center

  With the continuous development of the hot runner mold industry,the quality inspection of hot runner molds has become more and more urgent,but so far there is only one national testing center in China,and it is recommended to establish more national testing centers.

  7.Strengthen the hot runner mold standardization work

  We will promote large-scale large-scale production of hot runner mold standard parts,do a good job of connecting the production and demand of hot runner mold standard parts,and promote the continuous improvement of the use rate of hot runner mold standard parts and the continuous development of the industry.

  It is necessary to actively cultivate the hot runner mold market,strive to improve the management level of the enterprise,promote the variety,upper level and scale of the hot runner mold standard parts;gradually establish the hot runner mold research design,talent training and production system that suits China's national conditions,not only To make China further become a hot runner mold production country,we must make efforts to make China become a hot runner mold production power.

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