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  First of all,establish a company's homepage,and make the company introduction,preferably in Chinese and English.There are also products,it is best to have photos,specifications,numbering,product standards,the finer the better,for the price is relatively floating,you can not mark the price,otherwise I suggest you even the price is also marked,of course,the market price,for the agent To give room,even a kickback.Once you've done it,you can send a small sales opportunity.Of course,in all places you know,intermittent,continuous,and tenacious,for half a year,once every week.The introduction should show your product features,specifications,and supply.Now you should be able to stay alive.If you feel that this is a problem,you can try a few major professional websites.For example,if you can make molds,you can choose the mold network of the international mold network.There are professionals to build shops for you and match the appropriate buyer information.

  After contacting the right customer,further work is taken.Write a short introduction,including company features,product introductions, contact information to send an email to potential buyers who have previously counted.And phone tracking.Contact his sales department.Notify you of your existence,introduce yourself and your business,and make it clear that you want to sell your products to them.Ask for boldness and courtesy,and generous.It should be said that this step is going out,do not stay at home to do panda sleep.To feel customers,understand customers,listen to customers,and convince customers.Be friends with customers.

  I think this is the basic skill that should be done in doing business or doing business.I hope that everyone can make use of their own characteristics,more exchanges,more learning,early results,more achievements,more than their own companies to contribute.

  First of all,as a business person,here is not to specify why business or trade,but first of all should understand their own characteristics.This includes the company's main business,strengths,product features,features,technical advantages,product standards,prices,packaging,production capacity,etc.,but also should understand their own big customers.I call this the basics.If a business person can't introduce his company's products well and introduce the characteristics of his service,then it is difficult for you to establish a good impression on the customer immediately.The basis is the advice we make to every friend who does business or trade,that is,the so-called"must be the first thing."

  Second,data can be collected through the Internet.You can find your similar companies and trade objects through related searches.It is recommended that you make a small database,including customer name,product name,specification,price,and product feature contact information.Some people will say that there are not many customers.It doesn't matter.After all,not every company has a website.Every business is online.Now it is not a large group of people in the UK and the United States.The business people collect their own related products as much as possible.There was a German company that required the business to make more than 100 visits per day and record them.The purpose may be to establish a business person's understanding of the market for wear-resistant electrodes.

  Now,you should have a better understanding of the business you have done,and have a little emotional understanding of your sales market,know who is producing,who is buying or issuing demand,Chinese,foreign,and even There are also several companies and contacts.At this time,the work to be done is analysis and comparison.What are the characteristics of others,what are their own characteristics,whether there is an advantage in price,what are the disadvantages,what is the deficiency,why the price is higher than others,and what changes and diversity of service content.Don't underestimate this comparative work.This is also to recognize your own products,to understand your own characteristics,and to build your own confidence.How do you convince customers to buy your products,then rely on your own understanding and grasp of their products.Accurate,fast,and simple representation of product features is what business people must do and have.

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