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Die-casting mold temperature machine is very important in the field of plastic auxiliary machine

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  t is reported that in the alloy die-casting production,a temperature control device is needed,which is a die-casting mold temperature machine.Die-casting mold temperature machine is a special mold temperature machine for die-casting.Unreasonable mold temperature will lead to unstable casting size.In the production process,the casting will be deformed,resulting in defects such as heat pressure,sticking mold,surface depression,shrinkage hole and heat bubble..Die-casting molds are much larger than injection molds,requiring a large load for heating and cooling;in die-casting production,the temperature of the alloy solution is as high as five or six hundred degrees,and the mold temperature is stable between 100 and 300 degrees,while the die-casting mold The hot runner is relatively long and the use temperature is high,so it is required to control the temperature of the die-casting mold temperature machine,and most of them are oil temperature machines.The high-temperature,high-pressure hot oil circulation pump heat transfer oil circulates between the die-casting mold and the mold temperature machine.

  Die-casting mold temperature machine is very important in the field of plastic auxiliary machine

  The mechanical design of the die-casting mold temperature machine is mainly to achieve the functional effect of less heat loss when working to produce die-cast metal products.The heat exchange design of the die-casting mold temperature machine is unique.The heating and cooling unit is exchanged in the form of a component tube,and the special ceramic fiber is used for leather heat protection.The advantage is that the installation is flexible.The heat-conducting oil flows at a speed of 3 meters per second on the tube crepe,and the heater is at the center of the tube,so the heating effect is uniform,and the temperature is not overheated like other hot-dip or side-heat designs.

  The heat transfer oil is passed into the mold to control the temperature of the mold.The temperature sensor detects the oil temperature or the temperature of the mold.If the temperature is lower than the set value,the control system turns on the heating element to heat the heat transfer oil;if the temperature is higher than the set value,the control system turns on the cooling element to cool the heat conduction.oil.The device adopts the automatic control mode,which can play a good temperature control effect,improve the internal and surface quality of the alloy die-casting parts,and prolong the service life of the mold.

  In addition to mainframes such as injection molding,extrusion,and blow molding machines,the plastics processing industry also uses a variety of auxiliary equipment.For the modern plastics processing industry,the performance of the auxiliary machine also has a significant impact on product quality and the production efficiency of the enterprise.A wide range of plastic auxiliary machines are widely used in various fields of the plastics processing industry.Plastic auxiliary machines are essential equipment and sometimes an integral part of the complete production line.Among them,the mold temperature machine is an important part of the plastic auxiliary machine.

  The application of mold temperature machine in the die-casting industry also has a lot of space.Especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy,uneven or inappropriate mold temperature will lead to unstable casting size,and the casting deformation will be ejected during the production process.Defects such as hot pressure,adhesive mold,surface depression,shrinkage cavity and thermal bubble.It also has an impact on the production cycle,such as filling time,cooling time and spraying time,which produce unstable variables.The life of the mold is also affected by the overheating and overheating,which causes the hot steel to be thermally cracked and accelerates its aging.

  At present,there are two kinds of mold temperature machines on the market:water mold temperature machine and oil type mold temperature machine.The working principle is the same,but the medium used is different according to the actual selection.The quality of the mold machine is excellent.,good reputation,is widely used in plastic molding,light guide,pressure casting,rubber tires,rollers,chemical industry,reactors,adhesives,mixers and all walks of life.

  In modern factories,in response to market competition,manpower saving,quality improvement and cost reduction are urgent tasks.The use of mold temperature machine can reduce the preheating time of the mold,improve the surface quality of the finished product and fully automate the production.Increasing mold life is a necessary means of increasing productivity.

  There is also a lot of space in the die casting industry,especially in magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys.It does not mean that improper mold temperature can lead to unstable casting size,spray casting deformation during production,heat stress,and sticking.Defective modes,surface depressions,shrinkage cavities and thermal bubbles.Uncertain changes in production cycle and impact,such as fill time,cooling time and spray time.In addition,the service life of the mold can also be affected by excessive cooling and overheating.The expensive steel generates hot cracks and accelerates aging.

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