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The increasing size of parts and components directly leads to the need to enlarge the mold

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  In recent years,as the pace of structural adjustment in China's mold industry has accelerated,molds have become more and more oriented toward large-scale,precise,and complex developments,which are determined by high production efficiency requirements.The“one-mode multi-cavity”technology developed to improve production efficiency is being used more and more widely.Obviously,the same injection molding process can produce multiple products at the same time,and the production efficiency naturally doubles.Another reason is that the parts are becoming larger and larger,which directly leads to the large size of the mold.

  The increasing size of parts and components directly leads to the need to enlarge the mold

  Faced with the increasing size of molds and parts,people are plagued by how to meet the increasingly high surface precision requirements of large molds and parts?How to extend the service life of large molds and parts,while at the same time taking into account wear and defense Comprehensive requirements such as corrosion and high hardness?

  As a result,metal surface treatment techniques for large molds and components have emerged.Despite the growing demand for large molds and oversized parts in the market,companies that offer such plating services are rare.

  Because to achieve this level of processing,it must be equipped with large professional plating tanks and other large equipment.At the same time,in order to ensure the quality of electroplating products,it is necessary to introduce foreign advanced electroplating technology,imported raw materials,syrup formula and so on.These are unattainable for small electroplating plants that lack strength,so only the upper-scale electroplating manufacturers can invest heavily in the introduction of these equipment,technology and raw materials.

  At the same time,it also needs to have rich electroplating experience and perfect process system,continuous improvement and innovation,different requirements for different molds,different requirements of different workpieces,reasonable processing and processing,to meet the terminal quality of different products of different customers to a greater extent.

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