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Installation of extruded embossing die for copper tee pipe fittings and implementation of extrusion forming test

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  When the copper air-conditioning tee pipe extrusion squeezing die is installed,the height and parallelism of the concave cavity axis should be adapted to the extrusion punch fixed on the cylinder plunger,and the assembled mold can be freely placed on the bottom plate as a whole.Then,the hydraulic swell bulging system is actuated to allow the squeezing punch to reciprocate in the concave mold cavity multiple times,and the movement must reach the end position until the position of the die no longer exists during the entire movement of the punch.Change,at this time,the hydraulic press can be pressed to press the die,and the upper plate and the press slide,the lower die plate and the bottom plate and the press table are tightly connected by the press plate.

  Air conditioning M type tee

  The above installation method ensures that the two extrusion punches reach the final position at the same time,and the speed synchronization has been ensured by the split flow collecting valve,so that the accuracy of the positional synchronous motion in the extrusion bulging is satisfied in the experiment.

  The whole experimental system is started,the concave mold is opened,the concave mold cavity,the outer surface of the copper tube and the concave mold cavity are all coated with lubricant,and the tube blank is placed in the middle of the concave mold main cavity,and the press is pressed to press the concave mold.To achieve the required clamping force and in a pressure-holding state,the balancing system is actuated to make the balancing punch reach the working limit position,and the extrusion bulging system is started to perform the extrusion bulging experiment.After the punch is pushed to the limit position,the balance punch is stopped first,and after the squeeze punch is reversing,the balance punch is switched to exit.Then start the press to open the die,take out the parts,and clean them for observation and analysis.

  The size of the extrusion stroke is mainly adjusted by the length of the tube blank when cutting.In the initial stage of the experiment,the approximate limit length of the branch pipe can be determined by gradually increasing the length of the pipe blank:each time the expansion is completed,the die is opened,and the workpiece is taken out,and if it is not broken,a longer pipe blank is selected.Continue to swell after applying the lubricant until defects occur.At this time,the entire experimental process is carried out in steps of the length gradient of the tube blank.

  During the forming process,the displacement pressure curves of the individual cylinders are recorded for analysis.

  During the formation process of the three-way pipe extrusion,the balance force of the end of the branch pipe is mainly adjusted by the balance cylinder.Initially,a small balance force is used to test a long batch of equal pipes.If the end of the branch pipe is broken,it means that the end balance force is too small,and the force should be increased.If the head of the tee pipe is folded or wrinkled,the balance force of the end is too large,so that the main metal cannot flow to the branch pipe.Should reduce the balance force in order to achieve the best forming effect.

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